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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ode to the St. Germain cocktail

a silly Thursday post, created after too many hours in the hot sun . . .

Elderflower Power

Have you ever tried the delicious, amazing, delectable St. Germain liqueur?  If not, you are missing out on one seriously perfect summer cocktail.  St. Germain is a sweet fruity liqueur made from Elderflowers.  It's delicate and fragrant with notes of pink grapefruit and lychee.  It is ideal to cook with (great basted on shrimp or salmon with a little melted butter) and even better to drink!  My love for St. Germain prompted me and my um, associates to create a little poem.  It is important to note this ode to St. Germain was written after drinking a few St. Germain cocktails :)

St. Germain--I love you so
and not because I'm "in the know"
You taste like lychee fruit divine
and are often on my mind
A perfect quaff for summer days, and dusky nights and catching rays.
You are the new hip drink of choice, so my gay boy friends do voice.
Your bottle is art deco lovely, tall and lean not in between
and should be put on display to be seen
How could a perfumer not adore you?
Made in France by hand and from flowers too?
Incroyable! Enchante!
I could imbibe you everyday
Your elderflower blossoms are
picked by men on bikes not by car
Champagne, white wine, vodka, gin
You blend with all, it is no sin!
St. Germain, I love you so
From head to heart to my big toe

1 comment:

Lou Anne said...

Sounds like you are having a VERY mellow day. Should we expect a perfume with elder flower notes in the near future, or is your nose numb? ;-)

Lou Anne