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Monday, August 29, 2011

Profile of American Perfumer: Charna Ethier of Providence Perfume Co.

I was recently interviewed by Ca Fleure Bon for a profile on American Perfumers.  My head is swelling with the attention!  I was brought back to earth by hauling felled trees and branches in the backyard thanks to hurricane Irene, followed by mopping small muddy footprints off the floor.  American perfumer indeed!
In honor of the profile, we are giving away a full size bottle of perfume of your choosing!  Just go to: and enter your choice of perfume and something you learned about moi (blushing.)
To review Providence Perfume Co's complete line and scent descriptions, click here:
Good luck and hope all survived the hurricane safe and sound!


Bloody Frida said...

Hey Charna - glad Irene didn't hit you toooo badly - I was so worried for you all! My son checked in and all is fine with them too.

Love the interview!!!

Hope to visit RI again soon, and the next time, we'll carve out space to meet! XOX

HJ said...

Fabulous interview Charna! =)

Heres to a prosperous future for you!!

Charna said...

Hi Carol,

Thanks for checking in. We lost power for about 24 hours (sheer hell.) I can't imagine how some of the more rural areas in RI handled not having power for days! Glad to hear all is well with your son. Next time your here, lets meet up!

Charna said...

Thanks HJ! Fingers crossed for prosperity!