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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Rave Reviews for Gypsy Perfume & Free Sample Offer!

My newly released perfume Gypsy has danced it's way into reviewer hearts!  I'm ecstatic by all the positive reviews.  Gypsy eau de parfum was created for the Natural Perfumer's Guild Outlaw perfume project.  Gypsy contains notes of lavender, tonka and pink lotus.

For a limited time all orders over $35.00 will receive a free deluxe size sample of Gypsy worth $10.00!

Please type "Gypsy sample" into the paypal comments box when checking out to receive offer.

Read what the critics are saying about Gypsy:

The last of my outlaws is a wonderful perfume called Gypsy, created by Charna owner of the Providence Perfume Company. To say that I love Gypsy would be such a vast understatement that I couldn’t live with myself! Gypsy is simply one of the most remarkably sensual natural perfumes that I’ve ever smelled. Gypsy is a classic fougere or as Charna calls it a sweet amber fougere or a fougere light. It is wonderful…a sexy tango of a perfume that is completely surprising, green and delicious. Because Charna is a bit of a gypsy and I’m a bit of a witch you’d know that this one would knock me straight off of my broom. Galangal and Lavender, Petitgrain and Cardamon begin the magical spell and are followed by more lavender, Pink Lotus and jiocy , fleshy green Violet leaf. The base of Tonka, Oakmoss, Vetiver , Patchouli , Costus and Vanilla is perfect and lasts for hours. Gypsy is a smoky, shadowy seductive bombshell of a perfume and is more than a little dangerous. This witchy woman knows her power and is not afraid to wield it. She is gorgeous and luckily for you, Charna will be giving away a 5ml . bottle of it to one of you. But be careful and make sure before you beg me for this sample (and you should be begging!) that you’re up for it. --Perfume Smellin Things

I remember now.

Perfume is an art. It creates pictures. It tells stories and stirs memories and emotions. Or, at least, it should.

Big corporations, focus groups, politics, marketing and mass marketing and most of all IFRA regulations have almost  taken it away from us and made us forget what it feels like to wear real perfume. But now, wearing Gypsy by perfumer Charna Ethier, I remember. And I don't want to let go.

Technically speaking, Gypsy is a dark amber with a touch of green fougere. If I were an abstract painter trying to capture Gypsy I'd paint my canvas black-based brown, maroon and brick red, let the colors bleed into each other and then incorporate some forest green veins. But Gypsy is only abstract if I let it be. It's a warm, breathing thing, human and personal and makes me think of the way other countries seemed to me as a child.

I go back to times before I had a clear map of the world in my head and was only discovering the wonder of foreign languages- people speaking in magical tones. My parents had guests from different corners of the world- long lost relatives and old friends coming from as far as South Africa and East Europe. They stayed up  late, drank mysterious and strong smelling liqueurs that had beautiful labels on their dark  bottles, wore strong perfumes and brought gifts that smelled of mystery.

Gypsy has all that and more. I consider it wearable by both men and women, though my husband's chemistry brings out something a little too sharp, while on me it's as soft and luxurious as I could have ever hoped. According to Charna Ethier "Most of the botanicals used in comprising Gypsy Eau de Parfum are posted on IFRA's list of banned/restricted ingredients".  The main notes are-

Top: galangal, lavender, lemon, petitgrain, and cardamom.
Heart: pink lotus absolute, Bulgarian lavender and green violet leaf.
Base: tonka, oakmoss, vetiver, patchouli, costus, and vanilla

But it's all about the blend- spicy, sensual, dark and sweet. It feels romantic and mysterious. It's incredibly long-lasting (easily more than 12 hours). A full bottle is now on my ever-growing wish list, a sentiment that seems to be shared by Ida from Ca Fleur Bon--the non blonde

I’m enchanted by Charna’s particular inspiration: Madeline and the Gypsies by
Ludwig Bemelmans.

[Apparently, Charna has often read this book to her children- something we both share]

A “sweet amber fougère” is a lovely way to express your composition, Charna.
And so much more.

Charna wanted the pink lotus to ‘sing’, using herbs and coumarin-rich materials to accompany it.
And that she did; Gypsy ‘s top notes do just that:

Galangal, lavender, lemon petitgrain, and cardamom.

The heart has such lovely pink lotus absolute, escorted gallantly by Bulgarian lavender and green violet leaf.
Her sumptuous base spares no cost:

Tonka, oakmoss, vetiver, patchouli, costus, and vanilla.

Gypsy was a real revelation to me.
I seriously think I’m going to need a bottle.
[The name doesn’t hurt any, either]

--Ida Meister, Cafleurebon

Providence Perfume Co. Gypsy is all dark and spicy CARDAMON !! I mean cardamon from top to bottom . I was totally gobsmacked by this . I love it in it's own way
and the more I sniff it , the more I think I need a full bottle . This is sooo gorgeous , a beautiful reworking of the traditional chypre , a little dark , alot sexy , and just dangerous enough....! Long lasting , compelling and unusual .

From a tiny niche perfumery in the smallest state in the U.S. comes a new creation called Gypsy by Charna Ethier of Rhode Island's Providence Perfume Company. Gypsy is a modern take on a very traditional perfume category, the fougère or fern style mostly used in “masculine” perfumes. Most of them have an aromatic quality of sweet hay like dried fern, not fresh green, and Gypsy has that character as well, but with a difference. Along with the coumarin smell of the classic fougère and the pungent lavender with which it is often paired is the essence of pink lotus blossom, something you would never expect in a perfume of this style – until now. Does it work? Oh yes, it most certainly does. The hay-like note is a perfect match for the floral sweetness and helps bring the lotus into focus as the centerpiece of the scent instead of drowning it in the watery aquatic (and mostly synthetic) perfumes where it is so frequently found. Rose adds its rich roundness to the whole thing. There is an almost sugary quality to this perfume but not in the heavy-handed way of too many modern perfumes. Spicy galangal, similar to ginger root, adds another dimension of interest, all built on a delicious base of oakmoss, Tonka bean, vetiver and costus. Lacking the buttoned-up austerity and woodiness that characterize so many fragrances in this usually masculine genre, this is a fougère that women will love to wear and men will feel comfortable with. As a big fan of lotus flower, I am glad to see it used in this new way. (What else would I expect from someone who has a perfume in her line called Cocoa Tuberose that also has absinthe in it? Outlaws indeed!)--Donna Hathaway Portland Daily Examiner