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Monday, March 7, 2011

Cocoa Tuberose perfume receives accolades!

Cocoa Tuberose Perfume by Providence Perfume Co.

A recent review of my Cocoa Tuberose eau de parfum was recently posted on cafleurebon perfume website.  Senior Editor Ida Meister wrote the most wonderful things about me and oh yes . . . my perfume!  A hearty thank you Ida.  I am so pleased and flattered!  Cocoa Tuberose contains notes of exotic wormwood, pink grapefruit, buttery tuberose, dark cocoa and tonka.  Smooth and sensuous, decadent and delicious.  Check out the full article here:


HJ said...

Glorious review Charna! Congratulations.


Mermaid Lane Perfumes said...

Yeah! I bet it smells wonderful.

John Petter said...

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