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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Summer of Patchouli Love

I've been a busy bee lately.  I am participating in Perfume Pharmer's Summer Of Patchouli Love Perfume Project.  Along with 14 other perfumers, I am creating a patchouli based perfume which will be sampled, evaluated (gulp) and critiqued by a variety of bloggers, artists, critics or "noses", singers and performers.  Mary J. Blige will be sampling MY perfume!  

Here's the perfume project skinny:  All perfumes must be 100% natural.  Not a problem for moi as I only blend 100% natural perfumes.  All perfumers must use an alcohol base, and must create an eau de parfum at 15% strength--again no issues for me here, the stronger the better I say!  Finally, perfumes must be 25% patchouli . . . umm (insert needle scratching on a record sound.)  Possibly problematic?  While I use patchouli frequently in small quantities as part of a base accord, I rarely use that MUCH patchouli.  25% patchouli is quite a bit of patchouli.  That's some serious PASSION for PATCHOULI PERFUME.

Once we participating perfumers have created our amazing patchouli perfumes, they are shipped to Monica Miller the coordinator and author of Perfume Pharmer.  She then decants samples labeling them #1, #2 and so on so judges have no clue who has created what.  No nepotism here folks!  Numbered samples are then mailed off to the judges.  Judges will then determine their favorites.  Despite the fact that some serious heavy hitters of the perfume world are reviewing the perfumes publicly I'm still swooning over the celebrities.  Did I mention I read Us Weekly at the gym?  Sad.  Patti Austin, Mary J Blige, and Jodie Foster will be smelling my patchouli perfume!

Reviews of perfumes will be posted online beginning June.  More details to come.  Click on the link above to learn more.  


Carrie Meredith said...

I will be a Patch Test Bunny, and I'm very much looking forward to testing your creation!

Olive and Oud said...

25% patchouli! That thunking sound is my jaw dropping to the floor. Very curious to learn what you and the other perfumers will use to offset all that patch.

Bellatrix said...

Good luck dear Charna!! :) I am so inpatient to read more :)